7 Mar 2015


Hello my friends, yes I'm still alive.

The month of February just flew by. I was nearly crippled with an acute pain in my neck and back and apart from the fact that I couldn't sit down for even ten minutes on my chair it also affected my creativity in a big way. 

As the wonderful photographer and life coach Christina Greve mentioned in her  "Change Your Thinking; 29 Powerful + Motivating Tips for Photographers" post: "an over-stressed mind cannot think creatively and your inner passion/creativity battery will shut down".

Have a look at Christina's post (click HERE); it is full of wise advice not only for photographers; I think everybody could benefit too. And taking Christina's challenge I have picked up 3 of her statements that truly speak to me:

1. Failing is not failing – it´s learning. Failure mostly happens when you step out into unknown territory and experiment with things – what you learn from this is valuable. The sooner you fail, the sooner you can not fail.

2. When there is trouble coming your way, the best way to handle it is to do something about it right away! The best time to solve a problem is now – not tomorrow or in a few weeks – but right now.

After a couple of acupuncture sessions, muscle relaxants, steroids injections which did not make a real difference at all I was very lucky to have been referred by a friend to an excellent physiotherapist who with 3 sessions got me mobile again (thank you immensely Mr Pat O'Keeffe if you read this).

3. When something doesn’t feel right, that’s reason enough. And that is the only reason you need.
Even though I post here every now and then I've come to the conclusion that I just love this little space and even if very few of you leave me any comments that is OK too because the important thing is not the end result (ie. how many comments I get) but the fact that I love showing you a bit of me, of what inspires me, and hope that will also inspire you in some way, and that makes me grateful and happy.

I will continue to concentrate on my next post: GREY, A NEW TREND, to be posted in due course.

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It's great to be back
Margarita x 

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